Sports Medicine – Sports Medicine Examinations

Sports medicine examinations help us to determine which sports workload is appropriate for an individual to avoid health damage or impair healthy physical development. Based on this examination, the sports specialist will advise on how to minimise the risks and possibly compensate the workload. For this reason, testing is suitable not only for professional athletes, but also for non-professional athletes.

In Pavel Kolar´s Centre of Physical Medicine we cooperate with leading Czech sports clubs, associations, as well as individual athletes, for whom we organise compulsory annual sports examinations with the possibility of echocardiography with a cardiologist.


Spiroergometry (90 minutes): 

  • This stress test is performed on a bicycle. We monitor the patient’s lung ventilation, heart rate, oxygen consumption and exhaled carbon dioxide.
  • Price: CZK 4 000


Ergometry (60 minutes):

  • This stress test is performed on a bicycle and allows the heart to be monitored under stress.
  • Price: CZK 2 500


Basic sports examination for children up to 140 cm (30 minutes)

  • Price: CZK 1 600