In our Centre of Physical Medicine we sometimes come face to face with the causes of pain and difficulties requiring care other than the treatment of a neurologist, gastroenterologist, physiotherapist or orthopaedist. Based on the initial examination done by these specialists it is necessary to consider, whether the cause of the disease is of a psychosomatic origin. If so, the treatment of the patient´s problem should be started in cooperation with a psychiatrist.


The range of offered care includes:

  • Anxiety and phobia disorders
  • functional disorders of the digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and urogenital system without a clear cause of the problem
  • self-inflicted trauma, emotional instability and aggressive episodes
  • depressed state and suicidal ideation
  • eating disorders
  • hypomanic, manic and psychotic states
  • mental disorders after injury and serious physical illnesses
  • health conditions  associated with alcohol consumption, addictive drug use and other types of addiction
  • disorders associated with ritual behaviour and intrusive thoughts
  • memory and attention disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • extreme fatigue states, painful states and movement disorders;
  • psychiatric disorders after car accidents and assaults
  • assistance for  victims of violence and persecution
  • problems in interpersonal and work relations
  • partner and family crises
  • psychiatric difficulties during pregnancy and puerperium
  • sexual appetite disorders and other sexual function disorders
  • identity and creativity crisis, psychospiritual crisis


Comprehensive Diagnostics and Treatment – cooperation within the team

We care for the complexity of musculoskeletal system diagnostics and treatment.  For this reason, our patients can use the services of the psychiatric department which helps treat the cause of a patient´s problems and pains.


Initial examination/follow-up examination CZK 2900/1900