Practical Medicine

The role of the general practitioner in CPM consists in early diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic diseases that can be well treated in outpatient care.

We offer our clients with the basic card PLUS and the Golden card a different approach to healthcare than the usual healthcare common in outpatient clinics. We lay stress on personal approach, high professional level and are especially particular about the client having sufficient information about his or her health.

Prevention is a matter of course in the care by the general practitioner, so our clients undergo regular and extended annual comprehensive exams focussing on the prevention of civilisation and oncological diseases. We offer the clients all examinations that are for example necessary for the driving licence, the application for a school, gun licence, or a certificate of fitness for various actions. All clients have the option to undergo vaccination (flu, tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis, meningococci and other). Excerpts from healthcare records or consultations with the physician are a matter of course.

We offer our clients a fully equipped doctor’s surgery with rapid diagnostic tests (C-RP, Streptest, FOB) and advanced instruments like ECG, In body, Holter, X-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging)

The early diagnostics is completed with comprehensive care in other specialties that are part of our healthcare facility so our experts can cooperate better thanks to shared documentation.