Komplexní analýza sportovce

This analysis for athletes is suitable for both professional and amateur athletes. From these tests input data are obtained, which allow us to objectively assess movement abilities, limits and stereotypes from which various imbalances, injuries and pains during a given movement (sport) arise. Based on these tests, follow-up care is recommended, most often in the form of individual training sessions tailored to the condition of the musculoskeletal system of the athlete and the sport which he / she is engaged in.

The analysis includes:

  • 3D Spine Analysis (Moire)
  • Pedoscan (leg pressure imaging). The examination is carried out while standing and during the specific movement required for the sport (golf swing, racket hit, running, hockey strike, etc.)
  • Real motion video documentation
  • Isometric load and range of motion testing on DAVID machines
  • InBody (body composition analysis)
  • Stress diagnostics (spiroergometry – physical fitness test


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