Internal Medicine and Diabetology

Internal medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of internal organ diseases and assesses the overall condition of adult patients.


Within the area of internal medicine, we offer the following services:

  • metabolite examination
  • endocrinological examination (thyroid diseases)
  • lipidological examination (cholesterol spectrum disorders)
  • diabetological examination
  • pre-operative examination
  • measurement of physique on the InBody bioimpedance device
  • diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis
  • diagnosis and treatment of liver and kidney diseases
  • diagnosis and treatment of hyperuricemia (higher levels of uric acid)
  • preventive comprehensive examination


Comprehensive diagnostics and treatment – cooperation within the team

In Pavel Kolar´s Centre of Physical Medicine we care for the complexity of musculoskeletal system diagnostics and treatment. For this reason, our patients can use the services of our internal medicine department which is often crucial in the treatment of musculoskeletal system pain. This collaboration among various specialists is supported by sharing common patient documentation.

Take advantage of extra care in Pavel Kolar´s Centre of Physical Medicine and choose one of our annual programmes.