Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Since physical therapy represents an important part of rehabilitation, we only use in our facilities cutting-edge devices from BTL, one of the market leaders in the field of physical therapy.


This is radiofrequency therapy with high-frequency electromagnetic waves. The device warms the affected tissue, increases blood flow and improves the efficiency of tissue regeneration.
Indications: muscle cramps, tendonitis, cervical pain and post-traumatic swelling, muscle pain etc.

Vacuum-Compression Therapy
Vacuum-compression therapy is based on the automatic alteration of under pressure and overpressure in the application cylinder. Suitable for post-traumatic condition treatment as well as prevention. The therapy supports limb metabolism, strengthens the venous system and reduces swelling.
Indications: as prevention, treatment of diabetic disorders, before or after surgical procedures, in the treatment of the consequences of excessive sports or workload of limbs in order to achieve higher performance.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
The lymphatic drainage massage using device acts on the lymph vessels and nodes using pressure waves. For higher efficiency we recommend this method together with manual releasing of lymph nodes. The device improves the functionality of veins and lymph. It is used in post-traumatic conditions and after great muscular effort. It significantly reduces cellulite and helps to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body.
Indications: in the treatment of swelling; restores the lymphatic and venous system.

Pulse Shockwave Therapy
During shockwave therapy, there is an interaction between intense acoustic waves and body tissues. This reaction activates biological processes which encourage collagen and elastin formation and promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow. It has restorative effects, alleviates pain of muscle insertions and immediately reduces muscle tension. The device accelerates metabolism, relieves acute and chronic joint pain and improves healing efficiency.
Indications: joint pain, tennis elbow, tendon pain (e.g. Achilles tendon), calcification (calcium deposits in tendons), muscle pain.

Low-Frequency Ultrasound
The device emits mechanical waves that relieve pain, reduce tissue tension, have anti-inflammatory effects, improve lymph flow in the affected area and enables more effective muscle regeneration.
Indications: muscle fatigue, muscle pain.

Ultrasound treatment is one of the most popular methods of physical therapy. It uses mechanical waves which can affect tissue layers to various depths based on the frequency of the waves. It has analgesic, muscular relaxing and antispasmodic effects.
Indications: better regeneration, tissue healing


Magnetotherapy belongs under the most effective contactless physical treatment methods of today. The pulsed magnetic field affects the organism at the cellular level. The device operates in a wide spectrum, accelerates cell renewal, regenerates muscular tissue and relieves joint and muscle pain. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and anti-oedematous effects.
Indications: treatment of post-traumatic conditions, inflammations, swelling, rheumatic diseases; suitable for migraines and joint pain.

Electrical Stimulation
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) or electrogymnastics aids to activate weakened muscles through electrical impulses sent directly to the affected area. EMS is suitable in cases of musculoskeletal injuries or muscle weakness.  Regular EMS enables the achievement of higher physical efficiency and improved fitness.
TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) sends electrical impulses to the nervous system, from where the muscle receives the impulse to move. TENS currents stimulate nerve tissue which release the hormones called endorphins that relieve pain and release stiff muscles. TENS electrical currents are suitable for acute joint, spine, head and tendon pain. They have an analgesic effect in cases of vertebrogenic diseases, post-traumatic pain and are also suitable for chronic conditions.
Indications: acute joint, spine, tendon and head pain.

This is a therapy using very low-intensity currents. It accelerates regeneration in post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, relieves pain and optimises pH of tissues.
Indications: post-traumatic conditions, painful conditions.

Combination Therapy
Therapy that combines electrotherapy and mechanotherapy. It is the most effective treatment for muscle spasms and muscular trigger points.

Träbert Currents
Low-frequency pulse currents with fast analgesic effect.
Indications: chronic joint inflammation, musculoskeletal system disorders, spine pain.

IF Currents
Interference of two medium-frequency currents of different frequencies that cross in the target issue. They affect blood flow in the tissue and relieve pain.
Indications: acute and chronic degenerative diseases, arthrosis.


Laser 12 W/20 W
Device with revolutionary laser technology enabling deep penetration of laser light into tissues. Compared to conventional lasers, laser 12W/20W is several times more efficient. The device emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of laser beams without any side effects. It has analgesic effects, improves scar healing and increases collagen production in tissues.
Indications: inflammation of tendons and muscles, treatment of damaged tissue.

The device emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of laser beams without any side effects. This has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and bio-stimulatory effects. It improves scar healing, supports collagen production in tissues and accelerates cell regeneration.
Indications: dermatological disorders, tendon and muscle inflammation, treatment of damaged tissue.