Running Form Analysis

Would you like to learn to run with ease and low impact?

Do recurring injuries limit your running abilities?

Would you like to achieve better performance?

Or do you just want to know how to prevent injuries and stay in good running shape?


We offer a unique analysis for runners of all ages and performance categories.

At CPMPK, we use kinematic analysis with 2D motion recording to analyse your running style. The high-frequency camera (GoPro) enables the capture and subsequent slowing down of the video with up to 120 frames per second. The movement is recorded and evaluated from three perspectives. Thanks to this, it is possible to analyse your form reliably and in detail.

Examination procedure:

The examination itself lasts only 90 minutes, is completely non-invasive and consists of five parts:

  • Anamnesis
  • Motion video capture
  • Motion video evaluation
  • Identification of primary deficiencies and recommendations for their correction
  • Final report (the client will receive an image attachment with the results by e-mail)

What you need to bring

  • Running attire according to the current weather (tighter materials and shorter sleeves are more preferred for a more detailed analysis)
  • Frequently used running shoes


In bad weather, it is not possible to record movement in the outdoors – we reserve the right to adjust the date of the examination.

The analysis can also be performed on a treadmill – the examination takes place primarily outdoors; the variant of recording on the treadmill is purely additional.

If you are a CPMPK patient, the data obtained and evaluated will be automatically passed on to the attending therapist and physician for review.

Price: CZK 3 900

After completing the analysis, it is possible to register for a practical correction of running form (60 min / CZK 1 500).