As part of bariatrics and nutrition counselling we provide complete counselling services in the area of nutrition for both athletes and food allergy sufferers; we also help patients who are overweight or with malnutrition.

Obesitology care includes:


Comprehensive examination by an obesity specialist

  • complete internal examination
  • blood work (blood sugar levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, etc.)
  • bioimpedance body composition measurement (IN BODY analyzer)
  • Price (120 min): CZK 4,000


Initial examination by an obesity specialist

  • Price (60 min): CZK 2,900


Bioimpedance body composition measurement (IN BODY analyzer)

  • Price: CZK 400


Calorimetry test

A test to determine your base metabolic rate and the composition of fat and carbohydrate metabolism. By agreement, this can be supplemented by collecting urine and determining protein metabolism. The test is performed at rest, always in the morning. The test is accompanied by bioimpedance body composition measurement using a professional IN BODY analyzer. Certain preparations and regimen measures are required prior to the test for the test results to be valid (nothing to eat or drink at least 2 hours before the test).


  • People whose goal is to change their body composition, lose weight or, conversely, increase their weight
  • Athletes with relative energy deficiency syndrome or eating disorders
  • People with chronic stress syndrome
  • Price (60 minutes): CZK 2,900