Cardiology and angiology

Cardiology and angiology deals with the diagnostics and treatment of heart and blood vessel diseases.  We offer outpatient care for patients with all forms of cardiovascular disease side-by-side with a university hospital in case of the need for inpatient care. We care for patients with arterial hypertension, heart valve defects, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, lower limb and brain ischemia and chronic venous insufficiency. With overlap into other fields at the Centre of Physical Medicine, we also examine patients with vasculitis and upper thoracic aperture syndrome. We use mini-invasive techniques extensively for the treatment of the venous system, ranging from metric varices to difficult to heal ulcers of vascular aetiology.


Within cardiology and angiology, we offer:

  • Vascular examination, including triplex Doppler ultrasound examination of all blood vessels
  • Transthoracic echocardiographic examination
  • ECG and exercise ECG examinations
  • ECG Holter (24-hour ECG monitoring)
  • Pressure Holter (24hour blood pressure monitoring)


Comprehensive diagnostics and treatment – cooperation within the team

Our aim at the Pavel Kolar Centre of Physical Medicine is to provide comprehensive diagnostics and treatment. We look at the client’s difficulties from all possible angles. Cardiology and vascular medicine work closely with internal medicine and sports medicine, medical rehabilitation, rheumatology, neurology and physiotherapy. This collaboration among various specialists is supported by sharing patient documentation and medical consultation.