Physiofitness Trainings

Physiofitness trainings take place under the individual guidance of our trainer on modern fitness equipment. The aim of these trainings is not only to increase sports performance, but also to compensate for one-sided sports workload, thus preventing injury. All training sessions are based on the principles of Prof. Pavel Kolář’s Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization® (DNS) – the exact position of each joint and activation of the deep spine stabilising system is ensured during each exercise. This method optimises the distribution of internal forces acting on the spine and joints, making the movement body-friendly even under high workloads.

Individual Training

We will tailor your individual training to fit your fitness and health condition and help you achieve your goals; whether you want to increase your strength, endurance, check for proper exercise performance or need to compensate for one-sided workload. During the training you will learn to perform exercises and movements in a way which respects the biomechanical and neurophysiologic principles of your body. This optimisation of motion not only significantly reduces the likelihood of injury, but also provides maximum strength and range of movement in the sport you devote your time to. As a part of each athlete’s individual training we recommend a comprehensive analysis of the musculoskeletal system which is described below. Thanks to this analysis it is possible to identify the complex physical condition of the athlete and to adapt the training based on these results.

Price 60 minutes / CZK 1300