Annual programs

Annual programs

In our Centre of Physical Medicine we offer comprehensive annual programs.

Healthcare Provided at Pavel Kolar’s Centre of Physical Medicine Per Speciality Start care

organisation of a single diagnostic examination in one of the given specializations
Basic card

annual program of complex interdisciplinary care
Bronze card

annual program of complex interdisciplinary care
Golden card

annual program of complex interdisciplinary care
Rehabilitation Medicine yes yes yes yes
Orthopaedics yes yes yes yes
Neurology yes yes yes
Gastroenterology yes yes yes yes
Reumatology yes yes yes
Cardiology yes yes yes
Pneumology yes yes yes
Internal Medicine and Diabetology yes yes yes
Algiatry (Treatment of pain) yes yes yes
Radio Diagnostics (Sonography, Magnetic Resonance, Radiography) yes yes yes
Physiotherapy and Physical Medicine yes yes yes
Premium physiotherapy (extended therapy beyond health insurance coverage) 6x 12x 16x
Extra Care – specialised diagnostics and treatment 2x
Therapeutic Care
Group Exercise 2x 4x These and many other services can be modelled to a total value of CZK 25,000 or more
Individual training physio fitness (60min) 1x
Massage (classic/sport) (30min) 4x 12x
Preventive care and premium diagnostics
3D Spine analysis 1x
Pedoscan (Foot Pressure and Walking Analysis) 1x
Complex initial and follow-up diagnostic examination 1x
InBody – body analysis 1x 2x unlimited
Preventive sonographic abdomen examination 1x
In acute conditions, individual coordination of an appointment within 48 hours yes
Personal doctor: primary diagnostics, coordination of medical care, management of medical records, tracking of medical results, option of telephone consultation yes
Personal coordinator of care planning of appointments and their management with time optimisation of individual examinations. yes
Price  2,500 CZK 12,000 CZK  22,000 CZK 65,000 CZK or more

The price of the annual program does not include health services provided within the scope of public insurance coverage. Pavel Kolar’s Centre of Physical Medicine, a.s. has contracts with the following health insurance companies: VZP, VOZP, ČPZP, ZPŠ, ZPMV, RBP, OZP – in limited scope.

Prices in CZK (including VAT) Pricelist valid from 1.8.2019