Comprehensive Athlete Analysis

An athlete analysis is suitable for both top and recreational athletes. These tests allow us to obtain input data to objectively assess motor skills, limits and stereotyped motions that result in various imbalances, pain and injuries. Based on these tests, additional care is recommended, often in the form of individual training tailored to the condition of the musculoskeletal system of the athlete and the sport they are engaged in.

The price of a comprehensive athlete analysis is CZK 7 900 or individual services can be purchased according to the valid price list.

Kinesiological entrance exam by a physiotherapist:

  • Test (60min)
  • Evaluation by DNS trainer
  • Price: CZK 1 500


Testing of isometric strength and range of motion on DAVID machines:

In this test, you will objectively find out how much strength you have, the stability of your core and your range of motion, which are key factors in setting up corrective exercises within your training regime.

  • Test (60min)
  • Evaluation by DNS trainer
  • Price: CZK 1 500

InBody – body composition analysis

  • Price: CZK 400

Stress diagnostics with MUDr. Dostál:

  • VO2 max test with ventilation function analysis (120 minutes)
  • Price: CZK 6 000

Physiofitness training with the implementation of all test results:

The trainer will recommend a training plan that will focus on any weakness, asymmetry and other problems identified from previous tests. This targeted training will lead to lesser risk of injury and a gradual improvement in the athlete’s performance.

  • Price: CZK 1 300