Annual programs

Annual programs

At CPM, we offer a range of annual programs. Comprehensive approaches towards diagnosis are used when formulating treatment plans which are aimed at the primary cause of movement disorders.

Healthcare Provided at Pavel Kolar’s Centre of Physical
Medicine Per Specialty:
Basic card Basic card PLUS Golden card
Rehabilitation medicine yes yes yes
Orthopaedics yes yes yes
Neurology 4x 4x yes
Gastroenterology – Reflux centre yes yes yes
Immunology yes yes
Cardiology yes yes yes
Pneumology yes yes yes
Internal medicine and diabetology yes yes yes
Radiology (sonography, magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray) yes yes yes
Physiotherapy and electrotherapy yes yes yes
Psychiatry yes yes yes
Rheumatology yes yes yes

Therapeutic care
Physiotherapy with DNS elements acc. to Prof. Kolář 6x 6x 16x
Group exercises 2x 2x 2x
Individual training 1x 1x 1x
Preventative care and above standard diagnostics
Preventative examinations by internist 1x 1x 1x
InBody diagnostics 1x 2x 2x
Basic optometric examination 1x 1x 1x
Preventive ultrasound of abdomen and thyroid gland 1x 1x 1x
Preoperative workup yes yes yes
Option to register with a GP yes* yes*
Consultation and implementation of individual vaccination yes yes
Occupational medicine exam 1x 1x
Extended annual comprehensive exam + option of above standard laboratory testing (samples) 1x 1x
Examination and certificate (driving licence, food industry certificate, certificate of ability for other purposes) yes yes
FOB test fecal occult blood) yes yes
3D analysis of vertebral spine (Moiré) 1x
pedoscan (distribution of pressure forces in stand, when walking or running) 1x
Individual coordination in acute/emergency condition up to hours yes
Personal physician (primary diagnostics, coordination of care in consulting and specialized consulting specialties, administration of medical card, follow-up of results, possibility of phone consultation, earlier appointments) yes
Personal coordinator of care planning of terms of appointment, follow-up of results, coordination of individual therapies including planning of phone consultation of physician) yes
Free entry to the physiotherapy room yes
Individual exercise physiofitnes in the physiotehrapy room under the guidance of personal trainer (60 minutes), massage, physiotherapy services from the offer of CPM can be modelled to the overall price of 30,000 CZK and more
Organization of orthopaedic surgery 1x 50% discount
Super consiliary medical care 30% discount for investigation


16 000 CZK

26 000 CZK

76 000 CZK

The price of the annual programme does not include healthcare services provided in the extent of care reimbursed from public insurance. The Centre of Movement Medicine of Pavel Kolář , a.s., has concluded contracts with the following health care insurance companies: VZP, VOZP, ČPZP, ZPŠ, ZPMV, RBP, OZP. The conditions of the programme and services are described in the contract concluded with the client and its annexes; the above overview is only for information. Healthcare provided in various specialties depends on the indication of the attending CPMPK physician.

*Applies for insured individuals of VZP, ČPZP, ZPŠ, ZPMV, RBP, OZP.